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Champdeniers-Saint-Denis is an old medieval city whose origins go back to the mérovingienne time. It was a famous commercial crossroads as of the 13th century with its fairs assiduously attended by the foreign merchants.

In spite of its small size, Champdeniers knows an economic life developed with the forty tradesmen and craftsmen in all the sectors as all the liberal professions which constitute the tertiary sector.

You can find there public services (Station, Gendarmerie) with school structures energy of the nursery school to the secondary. Champdeniers also has a very active cultural associative fabric and with forty clubs of leisures and sportsmen.

Castle Nuchèze Champdeniers-Saint-Denis


It acts at the beginning of a defensive site dominating the valley of Egray and including a rectangular keep. The presence of ditches, a drawbridge, today disappeared, and the openings of shooting confirm this function of defense.

The current home is composed of three bodies of buildings laid out in L. The keep in the center, dominating the together with its roofs with strong covered slopes of slate and its turret of staircase polygonal, is framed of two wings,  one in same alignment, l' other in return, glazes of curved tiles.


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The Notre Dame church in Champdeniers-Saint-Denis


Come to discover the Notre-Dame church:

  • Historiés capitals and its crypt are manifestations of the primitive Romance invoice of the building;
  • The polygonal tower which was associated to it at the XVI century is a close influence probably limousine;
  • The tombstone under the gate and the Virgin out of wooden of the XVII century.

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