Planète Sauvage

Planète Sauvage welcomes you in a large complex of 80 hectares or animals live 1000, more than 150 different species.

A complete change of scenery awaits you with 3 different themes:

  • The safari trail : (10 km safari trail with large animals from 5 continents with your vehicle or raid 4x4, where you can see lions, bears, giraffes ....)
  • The city marine and its dolphins : (underwater gallery with views of dolphins, dolphin shows, privileged sessions along the river ...)
  • The bush village : (then discover the village of African bush and her cubs in typical houses of the Senufo Country, with monkeys, crocodiles, snakes ...)

Both restaurants are present on the site, so that you can restore the entire day.

Come discover this park, which is a perfect illustration of life in the savannah. A family entertainment that will delight and amuse little larger.

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