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musee-international-de-la-parfumerie-a-grasse grasse


Devoted to the history of perfumery and technological developments over the centuries, the museum reveals all the steps of creating a perfume. ...
le-musee-d-art-et-d-histoire-de-provence grasse

Le Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence

THE MUSEUM OFFERS:•Multilingual guided tours•Educational activities•A regional documentary section open to researchers by ...
la-villa-musee-fragonard-a-grasse grasse

La Villa-Musée Fragonard à Grasse

The museum offers:•Multilingual tours*.•Guided tours with individual players and laser discs. •Educational activities, ...
le-musee-du-costume-et-du-bijou-provencal-a-grasse grasse

Le Musée du Costume et du Bijou provençal à Grasse

Opened in 1997, the Museum of Costume and Provencal gem is in Grasse . The building that is now the museum once served revolutionary tribunal. ...

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