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phare-et-son-petit-musee calais

Phare et son petit musée

The lighthouse of Calais was built in 1848 and automated in 1992, it now serves as a museum on the Navy and offers splendid views of the sea with ...
cite-internationale-de-la-dentelle-et-de-la-mode calais

Cité internationale de la dentelle et de la mode

In 1870, this place was a factory in Calais, it has since been transformed into a museum of fashion. The latter refers to the know-how and ...
musee-de-la-guerre calais

Musée de la guerre

Museum Mémoire of 1939-1945 once served as headquarters of the Navy for the Port of Calais. The Museum now offers 21 different rooms where ...
musee-des-beaux-arts calais

Musée des beaux arts

The museum offers workshops, tours that correspond to a discovery stage of the work, material, form, techniques and tools used. Games and haptic ...

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