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le-petit-monde-de-marcel-pagnol aubagne

Le petit monde de Marcel Pagnol

In 1974, santonniers Aubagne decided to pay homage to Marcel Pagnol, the child of the country. So they restored an old bandstand. Inside, one ...
les-ateliers-therese-neveu aubagne

Les Ateliers Thérèse-Neveu

Thérèse Neveu is the most famous Santon of Provence. She has created many characters inspired by everyday life as the cousin of the ...
la-maison-natale-de-marcel-pagnol aubagne

La Maison natale de Marcel Pagnol

Marcel Pagnol was born in Aubagne in 1895, this building located in the heart of the city, over 16 Bartholomew. He lived there until 1897. ...

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