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Liste of monuments in Algajola

eglise-paroissiale-de-saint-georges algajola

Eglise paroissiale de Saint-Georges

The Church was built in the XV century and has an original square tower inside.
chateau-fort algajola

Château fort

The castle of Algajola was built the XVI century on the ruins of the tower Lomellino, to be the governor's residence of Balagne for Gênes ...
monolithe-d-algajola algajola

Monolithe d'Algajola

This spectacular monolith of 270 tons is on along the national road. Abandoned in a quarry in 1837, it was to serve as a carrier of a monumental ...
citadelle-d-algajola algajola

Citadelle d'Algajola

The small fortress of Algajola has a nice figure with his protruding watchtower. A must for lovers of ancient remains.

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