Church visit in bort les orgues

If you are looking for an unusual but exciting visit, and also free, visiting the church's pipe organ is a must and you will not be disappointed!

It is absolutely not necessary to “be a musician” to appreciate it, only to “be curious”.
All year round: the free guided tour, lasting approximately 1 hour, is by appointment, at (leave a message if necessary).

From 1 to 10 people maximum per visit and the appointment is always made subject to an impromptu religious service.

Adapted sessions are also offered to schoolchildren and college students.

Tour menu:

General information on the organ of Bort-les-Orgues.
Some information on the profession of “organ builder”.
Quick overview of the evolution of the “Organ” since Antiquity.
Highlighting, with musical extracts played live on the instrument, the different “games”.
Discovery of the “innards”: the “forest” of 850 pipes, the interior mechanism and the wind tunnel.

As a bonus:

videos showing manufacturing and installation.
organ testing by the “visitor-musician”
Find out more and listen to the organ at:   

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Visit Bort-les-orgues


Bort les Orgues is located in the Corrèze, at the border of Auvergne and Limousin, in center of a valley along the banks of the Dordogne. Sightseeing in Bort les Orgues Castle of Val Castle of Auzers Church ...