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Ternélia, accompany you to your holiday destination through Sea, Mountain and Countryside.

For years Ternelia residences offer families and friends a warm atmosphere in every region of France, in various forms of accommodation: family houses, holiday cottages, apartments and studios available throughout the year.

You have the choice of theme holidays under the sign of well-being and comfort but also you are invited to explore our land and our traditions through animation, sports, catering and local heritage.

The choice of the form and location of the resort will allow you a moment of relaxation where children, parents and friends will enjoy the most of every moment.

To achieve genuine holiday and everyone fully enjoys his time Ternélia offers entertainment clubs and free-paced children.

Villages and club rentals are comfortable and offer a variety of hotel services: sauna, hammam, restaurants, entertainment, ...

For people looking for a holiday, live, relaxing at the heart of our regions.

Ternélia Tourism welcomes you to authentic land!

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