Musée Carnavalet

The Musée Carnavelet (or Musée de l’Histoire de Paris) is a museum dedicated to the history Paris. The musem retraces the history of its buildings; 400,000 years of history, of Paris’ past to present. One can discover the evolution of life in Paris across the years. In the Carnavalet mansion, in which lived Madame de Sevigne, the museum houses prehistoric collections of Lutece, the reign of the kings of France, and of the Belle Epoque to the present. At the heart of the marsh, in the oldest district of Paris, only a few steps from the famous Place des Vosges, the Carnavalet museum is in one of the oldest hotels in the city of Paris.

The museums’ two buildings, separated by the Lycée Victor Hugo, are joined by a gallery. Hotel Le Pelletier de Saint-Fargeau, renovated in 1989, houses an indoor garden and many pieces which were restored during the renovation, such as the room where Marcel Proust wrote "In Search of Lost Time"; as well as historical furniture that belonged to historical figures. It is possible to admire in the Carnavalet museum many works of art and history, paintings, sculptures, models, divided into several departments.

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