Monuments in Indre-et-Loire

List of 15 monuments in Indre-et-Loire available on Infotourisme. You can also find all the activities that we offer in the departement.

List of monuments in Indre-et-Loire

tour-de-l-horloge amboise

Tour de l'Horloge

The Clock Tower was built in the XV century ...
  • City : Amboise
eglise-saint-florentin amboise

Eglise Saint-Florentin

The church of Saint-Florentin is one of two ...
  • City : Amboise
fontaine-max-ernst amboise

Fontaine Max Ernst

The fountain of Amboise was sculpted by Max ...
  • City : Amboise
chateau-d-azay-le-rideau azay-le-rideau

Château d'Azay-le-Rideau

A small island in the Indre river hides an ...
  • City : Azay-le-rideau
chateau-de-montpoupon cere-la-ronde

Château de Montpoupon

Castle Montpoupon is in Indre-et-Loire, east ...
  • City : Cere-la-ronde
chateau-de-chenonceau chenonceaux

Château de Chenonceau

The Chateau de Chenonceau is simply ...
  • City : Chenonceaux
fort-du-coudray chinon

Fort du Coudray

Fort of Coudray was built in the XIII century ...
  • City : Chinon
chateau-de-chinon chinon

Château de Chinon

The Château de Chinon, residence of the ...
  • City : Chinon
chateau-de-langeais langeais

Château de Langeais

A first version of the Chateau de Langeais ...
  • City : Langeais
eglise-saint-saturnin limeray

Église Saint-Saturnin

The church of Saint-Saturnin Limeray is a ...
  • City : Limeray
chateau-de-loches loches

Château de Loches

In the magnificient fortified city of Loches, ...
  • City : Loches
chateau-d-usse rigny-usse

Château d'Ussé

Situated at the edge of the river of ...
  • City : Rigny-usse
cloitre-de-la-psalette-a-tours tours

Cloître de la Psalette à Tours

The Cloister of la Psalette, which dates from ...
  • City : Tours
cathedrale-saint-gatien tours

Cathédrale Saint-Gatien

The Cathedral of Saint-Gatien de Tours, ...
  • City : Tours
chateau-de-villandry villandry

Château de Villandry

The construction of the Chateau de Villandry ...
  • City : Villandry

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