Musicalta 25th birthday

In the heart of Alsace between vineyards and castles, the Musicalta Festival will celebrate its 25 years from July 23 to August 9, 2020 with exceptional musicians including Simon Ghraichy, Gilles Apap, the Yako Quartet, Marie-Christine Barrault, Francis Duroy, Aiman Mussakhajayeva, Gudni Emilson, Bakhydzhan Mussakhodzayeva, the Kazakhstan State Symphony Orchestra, Maria Pia Tricoli, Marco Schiavo, Sergio Marchegiani, Jean-François Antonioli, Yuuki Wong, Carine Zarifian, Gaetano Adorno, Agnès Domergue, the Orchestra and the Festival Academy Choir…

Musicalta is bringing music alive in rural areas at a level of excellence, comparable to that of large urban cities. On the wine road, crazy bet of a handful of musicians, Musicalta, it is first of all a daring festival on the fringes of places of cultural concentration. It is also the word given to all the great artists of international reputation who have participated in the adventure for years. At the rhythm of an event which also aims to be a training place and welcomes several hundred students from around the world, Musicalta has been transforming the territory every summer since 1996, drawing thousands of spectators to the heart of an exceptional heritage in the Pays de Rouffach, vineyards and castles.

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At the heart of a vineyards and castles country, Rouffach is a town located in Alsace in the Haut-Rhin department 15km south of Colmar. Since 1994, Rouffach hosts each summer for one month an international event around ...