Mondial automobile in paris

Le Mondial de l'Automobile is a meeting place not to be missed for all car enthusiasts and takes place every 2 years in Paris at the Parc des expositions at the gates of Versailles. This events attracts more than one million visitors and thousands of journalists from around the world.

This great international show has an excellent collection of brands and vehicles from around the world in its possession, whether urban or highend, very famous or not at all, sports, family, eclectric... there is will have something for everyone.

All players in the automotive sector of the world will be present including equipment emergy, manufacturers, embedded electronics, there will even be many service companies to advice you.

During the show the amateurs or the simple visitors will be able to admire the last vehicles left date, to visit a historical exhibition. There will also be night opening on some dates for even more cars.

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