Montfort sur risle medieval

New edition of the Medieval of Montfort sur Risle on September 4, 2022.

Meet at the medieval castle of Montfort for a family day out that will take you back to the Middle Ages and introduce you to many activities faithful to the historical period.

Immersed in history, you will rub shoulders with armed infantrymen and knights fighting on foot or on horseback installed in a reconstruction camp where craftsmanship and the way of life will be highlighted.

The minstrels and minstrels will accompany the day with music and the children will be enchanted by the stories of Perceval and the mystery of the Grail.

A large historical scene featuring a whole group of fighters and throwing machines including a trebuchet and a ballista will tell the end of the siege of the castle defended by Robert II de Montfort in 1154.

An important craft market will be held all day for the pleasure of young and old.

Catering on site with creperie, grilled pig and barbecue

Refreshment bar and parking nearby

Entrance fee €3 Adult – Free – 12 years old

Information on 0788198331

Accommodation nearby

59 € From
auberge-du-cochon-d-or beuzeville

Auberge du Cochon d'Or

  • Beuzeville
  • 02 32 57 70 46
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Montfort-sur-Risle is situated in the department of the Eure and the region Haute-Normandie. Magnificently camped on the shores of the Risle, on the foot of the rocky spur where are situated the ruins of the castle of ...