Fêtes d'arvor in vannes

Every year since 1928 around August 15, the city of Vannes opens its doors to the Fête d'Arvor where Breton folklore is celebrated with the election of the Queen of Arvor and its Dauphines, these elections came in 1965 and there will also be a multitude of activities devoted to traditional Breton culture.

During this event, several activities will be organized to animate the streets of Vannes including bagadoù shows, parades in costumes, concerts, a fest-noz (Breton feast during which we dance), introductions to Breton dance, all this to make everyone happy.

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Vannes is located on the northern shore of the gulf of Morbihan. The city in the south of the Breton coastline, between the gulf of Morbihan and the Lanvaux in the north. Vannes is in between land and sea, 10 miles away ...