Tours Saint-germain-du-bel-air


Place chief of canton (other communes: ) and commune of the LOT (46) in the Midi-Pyrenees area. The commune is at 140 km in the north of Toulouse, in the West of the center ...

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Welcome to Gourdon (Lot)

Gourdon in Quercy is located in the North-West of the department of the Lot and the Midi-Pyrenees area. The current village of Gourdon is built on a remarkable hill acropolis ...

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Welcome to Catus

The north of the Midi-Pyrenees, between Lot and the Dordogne, the Community of communes of Catus awaits you. It will be able to hold warm welcome to you, to be made discover the ...

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Welcome to the Country of Salviac

Located in the middle of Bouriane, between Quercy and Périgord, Salviac, Dégagnac, Lavercantière Léobard, Rampoux and Thédirac, the 6 communes of the Country of Salviac ...

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Discover la haute Bouriane

The Community of communes  Haute Bouriane is a French inter-commune structure, located in the department of the Lot and the Midi-Pyrenees area.

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