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Tour to explore Lyon

During a weekend, discover the city of Lyon. Former capital of the Gauls in the Roman Empire, the city occupies a strategic position.

Day 2 : Lyon Day 1 : Lyon


Located at 60 km of Lyon, 47 km of Villefranche-sur-Saône, 30 km of Roanne and 15 km of Winnowing machine, hang on the oceanic slope of the Mounts of the Beaujolais wine and thus occupies a specific situation compared to the together department of the Rhone: Its rivers go down by the Loire ...

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Welcome to the Country of L'Arbresle

Country of history and inheritance, colors and savours, leisures and discoveries, it gathers 18 communes located at the crossroads of the Lyonese and the Beaujolais wine, at about 20 kilometers in the North-West of Lyon.

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Brussieu is located in the department of the Rhone (69), in the West of Lyon and in the North of St Etienne. Brussieu makes party of the canton of Saint Laurent de Chamousset.

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Chaponost is a french town, located in the department of the Rhone and the Rhone-Alpes area.

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Condrieu is located on Right Bank of the Rhone, approximately 11 km in the south of Vienna and 44 km in the south of Lyon, at the bottom of the last slopes of the Monnet Mount.

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Located at about fifty kilometers in the North-West of Lyons agglomeration, the village of Lamure-sur-Azergues is in full heart of the Green Beaujolais wine a territory where marry wooded and agricultural spaces to form quite pleasant landscapes in the eye. The village of Lamure is nested in the ...

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Welcome to the Mornantais Country

The Mornantais Country, this is the opportunity of going up in time and to impregnate the ingeniousness of the most daring builders. The worsen Roman with the Romanesque art, the moyenâgeuses gravers to the farms of the fields, let you allure by the multiplicity of these jewels of the structure.

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Saint-Martin-en-Haut is the second largest commune of the department of the Rhone after Lyon, with an total surface area of 3.864 hectares. Its altitude varies from 450 meters in Martinière with 911 meters in Crêt Pelossier. The inhabitants are called Saint-Martinois and called the " ...

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Welcome to Tarare

Tarare is a city located at 40 km of Lyon, 42 km of Roanne, 32 km of Villefranche-sur-Saône and Limonest, 120 km of Clermont-Ferrand and 35 km of Feurs, on the rivers of Turdine and Taret.

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Vénissieux is a french town located in the southern suburbs of Lyon, the department of the Rhone and the Rhone-Alps area. This is the third commune of the department of the Rhone and the seventh city of the Rhone-Alpes area by the number of the inhabitants.

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