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A weekend to visit Reims

Between the weekend, we invite to you to discover Reims.

Day 1 : Reims Day 2 : Reims


Châlons-en-Champagne, city of art and history has a remarkable religious and civilian heritage: Notre-Dame-en-Vaux collegial registered to the Unesco list, Saint-Etienne cathedral, Hotel de la Prefecture...

city-hall sainte-croix-door old-hotel-of-the-champagne-intendants the-circus-end-of-the-18-th-century

Marne, a festival of colours and flavours

Only one hour and a hal from Paris and two hours and a half from Brussels, the Marne region develops its assets and reveals its secrets to the visitors. The local heritage is often mixed with the great past of France

visit-of-chalons-en-champagne visit-of-dormans visit-of-the-museum-of-wine-and-vineyard the-der-chantecoq-lake


Discreet and refined country of the champagne, Châtillon-sur-Marne welcomes you.

the-square-mill the-harnesses-of-verzenay oxygene the-castle-of-pierry

Discover the Marne district

Discover and visit the towns and the cities in the Marne district.

discover-the-town-of-esternay discover-the-town-of-fismes discover-sainte-menehould discover-the-town-of-sezanne

Dormans, the hills of the Marne

In the heart of the valley of the Marne, the city ownes a remarkable cultural and historic heritage. The castle park is perfect for very pleasant family promenades.

the-memorial-of-dormans ecomuseum-of-oeuilly the-park the-castle-of-dormans


Capital of the Champagne vineyards.

reims-mountain the-castle-of-louvois natural-tourism


Town situated between Brie and Champagne, landsacpes of hills, vines and forests, castles and abbeys.

church-saint-remi-17th-century castle-of-reveillon nesle-la-reposte chevrerie


Fismes is a city border of the various ways. This is the border between Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie, between nature and city, and last step of the way to Reims for the Prince's coronation.

the-earthenware-museum-of-fismes the-attic-of-saint-honore farming-museum circuit-the-roman-churches-of-the-tardenois


More than 4 centuries ago, Dom Alleman describes the town "they call it Hautvillers. Haut, is his name, it is in fact… like a precious rock, it shines of all its brightnesses".

the-mountain-of-reims walks-trough-hautvillers blooming-walks-a-unique-concept lucie-s-walks


There was a lot of arguments about the etymology and the meaning of the name "Montmirail" because we can find it wrote "Mons mirellus", "Mons mirabilis" or "Montmiral" in the 12th century's charts.At the XIII century the name "Montmirel" ...

the-castle-of-montmirail the-avenues the-lanes-of-the-battlements the-statues-tour