Tours Jumieges

A week-end to discover Rouen

During a weekend, you actually visit the town of Rouen. Prefecture of the Seine-Maritime, Rouen is the closest to Paris regional capital.

Day 1 : Rouen Day 2 : Rouen


Duclair is a commune located in the department of Seine-Maritime in the Haute-Normandie region.

duclair visit-the-archipelago-of-eaux-melees visit-the-chateau-du-taillis


Caudebec-en-Caux is located in the Seine-Maritime department in the Haute-Normandie region.

the-marshes-of-caudebec-en-caux medieval-circuit the-impressionists-tour

Médiéval tousit route in Val de Risle

Pont-Audemer Val de Risle and Montfort culture welcomes you to dsicover Médiéval story in Val de Risle. 



Montfort-sur-Risle is a commune located in the Eure department in Haute-Normandie region.

montfort-sur-risle the-national-forest-of-montfort the-castle-brumare