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Discover Haute-Marne in complete freedom.

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Strolls, swims and tastings around Langres

The Country of Langres enjoy families in a natural mood. An interactive excursion on your own way.

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Discover Langres

Town of the art and history, the city of Langres completely surrounded by ramparts is very surprising, unexpected, splendid and presents on all sides the aspect of a roughcast fortress with bell-towers.

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The village of Arc-en-Barrois is situated in the Vallée de l'Aujon on the Plateau of Langres at the border of the Côte-d'Or region.

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Discover Chaumont

The quality way of life is one of the main assets of Chaumont, with its green belt and its very close forests, is a “city in the green”.The richness and the variety of the inheritance add in the environmental quality.

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Discover the cities in Haute-Marne

Discover the cultural and historical towns and cities in Haute-Marne. Enjoy the various natural landscapes.

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Discover the Saint Dizier's centre city

The circuit recalls the evolution of the city of Saint-Dizier from the middle ages to modern times: ramparts, the church Notre-Dame, wooden sides houses, artistic cast iron from Hector Guimard, historic monuments.


Andelot Blancheville

The Three Valleys, true green lung in the Champagne region, are an ideal place for all nature lovers.

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The thermal station of Bourbonne-les-Bains is known since antique for the curative virtues of its waters. Stretched on more than 4000 m2, the thermal establishment has an important technical plateau in constant evolution.

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Head town district in the Haute-Marne in the centre of the triangle formed by the cities of Châtillon-sur-Seine, Bar-sur-Aube and Chaumont, Châteauvillain counts 1733 inhabitants with the hamlet of Montribourg and the associated towns of Créancey.

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