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Champagne Wine Tourism: a break in the vineyards

Discover champagne dawn with tourist bubble. The delights of wine enthusiasts and discover their daily before attending your turn at the waist, the grape harvest, the winemaking grapes and tasting. For more information visit :

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Around the champagne vineyard

Aube is consecrated. The climate and the ground enable to grow famous vines. It is beautiful and generous.

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The Champagne road

From the south of the Aube department to the borders of the Champagne and Burgundy regions only 1.30 hour from Paris in the 'Côtes des Bars' region that Champagne wine is produced.

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Troyes, the medieval beautiful city

The paved lanes, its half-timbered houses, its private mansions Renaissance, its nine churches, its cathedral of light make Troyes an unforgettable destination. Troyes, the medieval capital of the Champagne region will surprise you.

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Aix en-Othe

Situated at the border between Champagne-Ardenne and the Burgundy, the country of Othe is delimited to the North by the river La Vanne and by the national road 77 to the South.

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Bar-sur-Aube is a commune located in the Aube department in the Champagne-Ardenne region.

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The city and its vicinity will transport you the origin on the order of the templiers in our days!

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Discovering the Aube district

Discover the towns and cities in the Aube district.

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At the intersection of the 3 big lakes and the regional natural park of the forest of the Orient, in the department Aube in Champagne, Brienne-le-château was always a step way, an invasion road…

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Chaource is a charming town which offers many opportunities for green tourism and the historic monuments amateurs.

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