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Tourism Bourg en Bresse

Three routes to discover the myriad facets of a known region between Bresse, Dombes and Revermont.   Course with a tour guide handed out at the Tourist Office in Bourg-en-Bresse. The cost : 50 cents.


Champagne en Valromey

Beguining by Champagne en Valmorey discover our lovely landscape.

de-cols-en-cols tourism-champagne-en-valmorey


The commune of Brégnier-Cordon is located at 20 km in the south of Belley, in the department of the Ain. It occupies the interior of the elbow which the Rhone draws and is thus at the borders of the departments of Savoie (in south-east) and Isere ( in the west).

visite-bregnier-cordon-village discover-the-castle-of-the-barre the-vestiges-of-the-castle-cordon museum-escale-haut-rhone-closed

Welcome to the country of Lhuis and Izieu

The winter continues in the Country of Lhuis and Izieu and we can still benefit from the cold sculptures whose nature is avoided and of stroll through the snow-covered lanes of our 16 villages where reign, in this season, a felted and picturesque environment. Convivial and cordial places if it is: ...

discovering-the-country-of-lhuis-and-izieu visit-the-village-of-benonce in-the-venture-in-the-country-of-lhuis-and-izieu discover-the-waterfalls


The town of Meximieux has a pleasant and healthy position, at a few kilometers of the river of Ain. It was located primarily on the Coastal one, but after the construction of the Royal Road, it is extended towards the Plain. It is sprinkled in the west by the brook Longevent, which runs then on the ...

hiking-in-meximieu walk-around-the-castle-and-the-aubepin monument-and-tourist-places-in-meximieux discover-vegetable-labyrinth

Montluel, flowery city at the gates of Dombes

Chief town of canton of Ain, in the South of Dombes, Montluel belongs to Côtière, together communes located along the Rhone. It is also named Gate of Dombes, this country with the thousand ponds, required ground of the birds and the walkers.

montluel-historical-city the-pharmacy the-historical-excursion-in-montluel the-square-tower-of-montluel


Located at the western north of the department of Ain, at 20 km of Borough in Bresse, Montrevel and its canton is in full heart of the Bresse of Ain, at 220 m high.

discover-montrevel-en-bresse-and-its-canton the-summer-visits-of-montrevel-en-bresse the-tonic-plain-the-relaxation-life-size

Welcome to Nantua

Nantua is a french town, located in the department of  Ain and the Rhone-Alpes area. It is a sub-prefecture of Ain.

discover-nantua discover-the-abbatiale-saint-michel tower-of-the-castle-trrreaux the-lake-of-nantua


In the heart of Europe, surrounded by lakes and forests, Oyonnax, a flourishing and in constant evolution town since the 50s - 60s, sees its population increasing from year to year. Witness of a very rich historical past, Oyonnax, is looking towards its future. Looking for everybody's welfare, ...

discover-oyonnax discover-the-heritage-of-oyonnax visit-the-lakes-in-oyonnax the-beautiful-river-in-oyonnax

Pérouges, medieval city

Pérouges is a medieval city of department of  Ain, located at 36 kilometers in the North-East of Lyon, and perched on a nipple of Coastal dominating the plain of Ain.

visit-the-medieval-city-of-perouges porte-d-en-haut porte-d-en-bas the-place-of-tilleul