Chocolate show in paris

Le Salon du Chocolat is the event expected by all the greatest gourmands !
Every year, Paris opens its doors at the Salon du Chocolat. During these few days, professionals from the chocolate industry, pastry chefs, chocolatiers , confectioners, chefs and many other professionals come together to offer the public the richess of the delicacy of our famous bean. More than 700 exhibitors are present for this great gastronomic event.

This is the perfect opportunity for visitors to make discoveries and savor the finest and most delicious creations of pastry chefs as well as an excellent quality of cocoa from all over the world.
From the end of the morning until the beginning of the evening, children's pastry workshops are organized every day but there are also tasting and cooking demonstrations by the great chefs.

There is also a book signing by the great authors of the cookbook to fill the enthusiasts. But the best moment is still the moment of the parade of chocolate dresses and the chocolate price to reward each year the news best chocolatiers.

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