Le salon international de l’agriculture

"Agriculture: a collective adventure" will be the theme of the 2018 International Agricultural Show

At a time when the society is traversed as a whole by trends that have emerged in recent years, the International Agricultural Show offers a reading for the agricultural sector.

At the heart of the show, the new habits of contributive or collaborative behavior and more generally all that creates the social link find their application in the agricultural field: the role of consumers as contributors to the development of farmers or producers, the place of farmers , the positioning of farmers, the news of young people in training or just installed ... so many axes of presentation of an agriculture which is built in several, in constant evolution and whose International Exhibition of Agriculture wants to be the reflection.

This theme will punctuate these 9 days of celebration of French agriculture.

Come dive and dive into the four worlds of the show:

  • Livestock and its sectors
  • Crops and vegetable sectors, Garden and vegetable garden
  • Products of the Regions of France Overseas and the World
  • Services and Trades of Agriculture

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