Monuments in Bretagne

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Monuments en Bretagne

chapelle-de-saint-houarneau bourbriac

Chapelle de Saint-Houarneau

The Chapel of St. Houarneau is a building located in the town of Bourbriac in the department of Côtes ...


chateau-de-dinan dinan

Château de Dinan

Castle of Dinan is composed of a dungeon, near the porte Saint-Louis. The dungeon and door make part of 2600 ...

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eglise-saint-malo dinan

Eglise Saint-Malo

Church of Saint-Malo was built in the late of XV century, it's located in the heart of Dinan. The ...

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basilique-saint-sauveur dinan

Basilique Saint-Sauveur

Basilic of Saint-Sauveur was built in the XII century, it now houses the cenotaph of the heart of ...

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chateau-de-bienassis erquy

Château de Bienassis

Bienassis Castle Historical Monument Ranked fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. In 1792, Count Theart City is ...

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maison-d-ernest-renan treguier

Maison d'Ernest Renan

The writer Ernest Renan (1823-1892) was born in this timber framed Breton house in the early 17th century. The ...


chateau-de-kergroadez breles

Château de Kergroadez

Built during the reign of Henry IV (1602-1613) by Francis Kergroadès, Castle Kergroadez is a ...


chateau-de-keriolet concarneau

Château de Kériolet

Keriolet Castle is a neo-gothic castle located on the French town of Concarneau in Brittany. This private ...


eglise-notre-dame-de-lorette concarneau

Église Notre-Dame-de-Lorette

Notre Dame de Lorette is a Catholic church located Lanriec (common Concarneau) in Britain. The church, ...


eglise-saint-jacques-de-pouldavid douarnenez

Église Saint-Jacques de Pouldavid

Church Saint-Jacques, built in the XIV century, was elevated to a parish in 1880 with the growing number of ...


eglise-du-sacre-coeur douarnenez

Église du Sacré-Coeur

Church of Sacré-Coeur was built on that of Ploaré in 1875. Its architecture is worthy of a ...


chapelle-sacre-coeur douarnenez

chapelle sacré coeur

Chapel of Saint-Jean de Tréboul was built around 1840. It was completely rebuilt in the mid of XVIII ...


eglise-de-locronan locronan

Eglise de Locronan

This imposing 15th century building was built "cathedral-like" following the wishes of Francis II, ...


cairn-de-barnenez plouezoc-h

Cairn de Barnenez

The Cairn of Barnenez is the largest megalithic tomb in Europe with its 70 feet long and its eleven dolmens ...


chateau-du-taureau plouezoc-h

Château du Taureau

The castle was built Taurus in 1542 at the initiative of the population of Morlaix who wanted a rampart to ...


cathedrale-saint-corentin-de-quimper quimper

Cathédrale Saint-Corentin de Quimper

The Cathedral of St. Corentin in Quimper was built over two old buildings: a Romanesque sanctuary and the ...


chateau-de-trevarez saint-goazec

Château de Trévarez

The Château de Trevarez, often called the «pink castle» due to its composition mixing ...


chateau-de-kerjean saint-vougay

Château de Kerjean

Kerjean Castle was built in the sixteenth century as a home for the Barbier family. Later, the castle was ...


chateau-de-chateaugiron chateaugiron

Château de Châteaugiron

Castle Châteaugiron is a castle in the town of Châteaugiron Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany. This ...


chateau-de-combourg combourg

Château de Combourg

The Château de Combourg was built from the 11th century until the 15th century. It is located halfway from ...


cathedrale-saint-samson dol-de-bretagne

Cathédrale Saint-Samson

The Cathedral of St. Samson of Dol de Bretagne is a former Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint Samson ...


cathedrale-saint-pierre rennes

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

The Cathedral of St Pierre of Rennes in Neo-classical style is located near the ...


chateau-de-kerguehennec bignan

Château de Kerguéhennec

Kerguéhennec Castle, nicknamed the Versailles of Brittany, is a castle located in the eighteenth ...


eglise-de-carentoir carentoir

Eglise de Carentoir

Church of Carentoir is dedicated to Saint Marcoul, it's the third church in the village, the first two ...


eglise-du-temple carentoir

Eglise du Temple

Church of Temple was built by the Templars in honor of saint Jean-Baptiste in the XII century, it has a ...


chateau-de-la-bourdonnaye carentoir

Château de la Bourdonnaye

On the site of a major castle whose provisions are playable on the cadastre of 1825 and whose remains earlier ...


chapelle-saint-hyacinthe carentoir

Chapelle Saint-Hyacinthe

Dedicated to Saint Hyacinthe, chapel of the Haute-Bouëxière depended on the castle of the same name. It ...


alignements-de-carnac carnac

Alignements de Carnac

The three alignments of Carnac comprenent 2934 menhirs and last for about 4 km, they are world famous. The ...


eglise-saint-cornely carnac

Église Saint-Cornély

Church of Saint-Cornély date of 1792 and has three nave and two transepts. Its north side does not lack ...


village-de-saint-colomban carnac

Village de Saint-Colomban

He is a former village of the XVI century, whose characteristic is to have houses made of granite. It is ...


chapelle-la-madeleine carnac

Chapelle la Madeleine

Chapel of la Madeleine, near the village of Kergarec, nearby we found the fountain of Sainte-Madeleine, the ...


chapelle-saint-michel carnac

Chapelle Saint-Michel

Chapel of Saint-Michel, dating from 1664, is placed atop the largest tumulus of the region. Dedicated to ...


chateau-de-comper concoret

Château de Comper

Comper Castle is located north of the forest Paimpont, three kilometers east of the town of Concoret France. ...


prieure-saint-etienne guer

Prieuré Saint Etienne

Situated atop the Valley Oyon, Chapelle Saint Etienne traces on its walls the great history of Britain. This ...

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site-des-megalithes-de-locmariaquer locmariaquer

Site des mégalithes de Locmariaquer

The megaliths site of Locmariaquer includes three emblematic monuments of the megalithic architecture of ...


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