1001 notes festival limoges

Since 2005, Le Festival 1001 Notes fires during the summer of 20 days in the streets of Limoges thanks to its incredible classical music. Every year, the festival offers beautiful and simple music for the most passionate of you. But to finally arrive at the moment when classical music will sound, there will be an opening with other genres like jazz and world music to be able to explore all the facets of music and beauty that the festival has to offer.

The festival is also intended to give as much visibility as possible to artists on the road to success, it is an important springboard for their career and their dreams. During this event, The project « Le Maître et l’Élève » will allow a young artist still unknown to the scene to collaborate with a great name of classical music.

You vill ba able to make incredible encounters thank to intermissions, picnics or even dinners with volunteers, artists and members.

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Limoges is located in west central France and is the capital of the Haute-Vienne department and the administrative capital of the Limousin. It is built on high ground overlooking the river Vienne. Limoges's ...