Festival berlioz in la côte-saint-andré

A festival dedicated to symphonic and romantic music, it is the rendez-vous of classical music par excellence. It takes place every year towards the end of summer in the beautiful city of La Côte-André, which is also the hometown of Hector Berlioz, hence the name of the festival. For two weeks, about fifty events are scheduled for the festival and more than 1 000 are invited to perform the show. There are more than 20 000 classical music fans who are present to listen to the major works of the romantic repertoire.
Virtually all performances takes place in the courtyard of Château Louis XI which is specially adapted for this event.

In the Berlioz farmhouse, the medieval hall and the churches of the neighboring communes have other activities such as recitals, contemporary creations and much more.

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Country of birth of composer Hector Berlioz and earth home painter Johan Barthold Jongkind.A midway of the Massif Central and the Alpes, Pays de Bievre-Liers offers an exceptional natural setting and a high quality of ...