30 music festivals in the summer of 2013 not to be missed!

It is now a well-established in the French summer traditional culture, like every year, while the heyday settle on the country, music festivals land, increasingly numerous and varied.

With more than 3,000 appointments throughout the territory, the world of the festival in 2013 does not seem to know the crisis and on the contrary diversifying by offering an increasingly rich and specialized programming to an increasing number of festival-goers.
The real excitement around the popular festival is explained as much by the atmosphere of these events as an opportunity for participants to attend dozens of performances for the price of a concert ticket.

After a strong year in 2012 in terms of attendance, the 2013 vintage looks auspicious for festivals four corners of the hexagon wrapping up their programming.

To guide you through the oversupply that is offered, Infotourisme offers a selection of 30 festivals unmissable summer 2013.

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