Filets bleus festrival

Since 1905, Brittany is at the heart of the festivities thanks to the Festival des Filets Bleus which takes place every year in August in Concarneau, it is one of the biggest party of the region.

With each new edition, the festival puts on a pedestal the diversity of Breton culture and heritage and makes room for creativity and young talents in herbs, a dynamic and warm festival.
Every year, thousands of holidaymakers gather at this incredible event to admire the headdresses and costumes, to discover Celtic dances and music and to enjoy the incredible performances of artists from the Breton scene.

You can also participate in the fest-noz and taste Breton specialties. To complete the poster, street theaters will be held as well as water jousting, parades, exhibitions, trades of other times and many other activities for the most free to animate these few days of celebration.

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Coastal town and old fortified town of Brittany, the charms of Concarneau are revealed throughout your stay. Concarneau, it is at the same time a town of art and history, an important fishing port and a seaside resort. ...