Le printemps de bourges

In every spring since 1977, for a week, the room and capitals of Bourges are invaded by the joy and the good humor of the festival « Le Printemps de Bourges ». It's a musical event where well-knwon artists go out to party with thousands of spectators, but you ca also discover new talent. This card blending and public and poster head and discoveries, allows the festival to remain so important for all these years.

The 150 artists and music groups share th e7 halls of the festival, but some also perform on the 4 free stages that are spread from the banks of Auron to the Séraucount place and there are also some in all the bars of the city that participate in the Printemps.

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Bourges is the main city of Cher housing nearly 100,000 inhabitants and the third largest city in the Centre Region. Bourges as Berry's former capital is ranked “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire”. ...